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Welcome to Classic Poster Gallery!

Mark and Lauren Rothenberg started collecting vintage posters over 20 years ago.

Classic Poster Gallery offers original vintage and antique lithograph posters from the late 1800s through the present. Our goal is not just to sell you a single poster, but to earn your trust and business for the long-term. Our collection has been curated over a period of 25 years and includes posters from various themes and eras. We hope to make your buying experience to be informative and fun. Our posters are originals and, unless otherwise stated, are not reproductions.

From the Owners:

From the Owners

Our collection started with a wonderful 19th century poster by the artist Tamagno. The poster was a wreck and we had to learn about restoration and linen backing. We then began going to poster shows, meeting other collectors, and working with dealers and pickers around the world to curate an outstanding and wide-ranging collection.

What we love about posters is that the artists did not have ready access to TV or radio. The ad-men of yesteryear used artwork to illustrate the allure of products or complicated ideas with incredibly attractive artwork. Vintage posters are conversation pieces that draw you in and, to quote the Big Lebowski, “tie the room together.”

Our philosophy: Fundamentally, we are poster nuts and want our customers to fall in love with poster art. We provide a plainspoken and an honest poster buying experience. We believe in being candid with customers regarding issues such as rarity and condition and don’t want our customers to feel that they overspent! Our goal is not to sell you the poster you ask about, but rather—to sell you, your kids, and your friends posters in the future.

Classic Poster Gallery is located in Orange County, California. We live here with our three boys, a happy go-lucky Goldendoodle named Sophie, and a judgmental Basset Hound named Steve.

We welcome inquiries and are happy to give you our thoughts—even if you don’t ultimately choose to buy from us.

Thank you for looking at our posters!

– Mark & Lauren Rothenberg